After more than 35 years of media production, capital formation and finance, and tax law, including management of digital media, Internet broadcast, and public companies, Meyer Law Organization became involved in the entitlement, development, and execution of real estate and community development, including commercial, residential and agricultural real estate.


Business formation and capitalization can be complicated. We emphasize all aspects of business, starting with structural design through private placement and other financing issues, together with a myriad of tax issues, with early contemplation of both exit strategies and succession planning.​


In a unique time for real estate finance, Meyer Law Organization helps you explore some of the more innovative and aggressive structures to help provision your project. With much domestic lending at a standstill, EB-5 is an innovative way to help induce foreign wealth into domestic projects, create jobs for your community and combine aspects of immigration, tax and finance to leverage your unique financial opportunities.​


Meyer Law Organization’s roots began in film and video production and distribution, digital media, syndication and the management of the performing arts, including representation of stars, writers, producers, directors, talent agencies, casting directors and other entertainment professionals and organizations.​


Making money is important, but not enough time and energy are traditionally devoted to either using the regulatory tax and insurance-based incentives to both retain earnings and maximize the “subsidies” inherent in the American revenue codes.


If there’s anybody or anything you love in your life, you should be thinking about succession planning, whether it’s for you, your business, or anything of value you’ve built. Most of us focus on making money our entire lives, but rarely take the time to make sure that it will stay in our families, getting to those persons and causes for which we care. Much of trust design is about avoiding probate; however, when you find complex probate matters, make sure you’re getting what you expect.

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