about us

After more than 35 years of media production, capital formation and finance, and tax law, including management of digital media, Internet broadcast and public companies, Meyer Law Organization became involved in the entitlement, development and execution of real estate and community development, including commercial, residential and agricultural real estate.

Michael Meyer and associates bring decades of business experience in many professional capacities over a wide array of businesses to his role as a legal professional in the areas of estate, business succession, philanthropic and faith-based planning. Mike’s specialties include film and television production and distribution, real estate entitlement and development, charitable gifting, and financial stewardship as they relate to life insurance, estate planning, business development and succession and financial leverage.

Making, optimizing, keeping and passing along the fruits of your success requires continual re-assessment of opportunities to leverage assets and minimize legal exposure to various tax issues.

Financial management in a troubled economy can be perplexing. Intelligent planning, thorough research, financial analysis, forecast modeling, structuring and tax analysis are all components of making your wealth for you. Whether it’s helping you manage your own assets or having us do it for you, we can help.